What is Supermarket Showcase?

Supermarket showcase is your one stop shop to get any wine available in the supermarkets in a quick and easy click and shop solution. We organise all the wines by quality of product and price, so you get the cheapest and best wines at a click of the finger.

Millions of wines, most horrid to drink

The site was born out of a personal frustration in the supermarket. I would be looking for a nice wine and be bombarded by a wall of wines with no idea what was what, all the wines descriptions said they was great. So, I’d pick one, get home, open it, and it would taste like vinegar! How on earth are mere mortals supposed to know what’s a good wine without the need of becoming a wine expert? For the casual wine drinker. that is the point of this site. Don’t know what wine to get? Have no worries, we have honest, to-the-point reviews of a wide selection of wines from all the major super markets, put together in a powerful yet easy to read data system. So rest assured, you will never be stuck for great affordable wine again.

Any question? We are here to help. Just pop over to our contact page and ask anything you like:

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the Supermarket Showcase team.