What is Revision King?

Revision King is a revolutionary new way to get the results you want from any facet of study.

You will learn what you need quickly and easily, in an enjoyable and relaxed way. It is more than just a quiz, it is a highly proficient way to retain new information: it is a super quiz! You can either make questions as multiple choice, or text based (recommended) for the ultimate challenge.

How it works

The quiz is broken down into rounds. Whenever you answer a question wrong, Revision King will tell you the correct answer before loading the next question.

After you complete a round, all of your incorrect answers are put into the next round and Revision King continues until all questions are answered correctly.

Completing a quiz for the first time sets your baseline. Try it again and see, already, how many less rounds it takes you to complete.

Tip: It works best on large quizzes.

This highly focused approach exposes you to only the information which you do not know. Revision King enables you to concentrate your time and energy where it is needed the most.

Remember, Revision King's main design goal is to facilitate the learning of new information compared to a typical quiz which tests that which you already know.